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I have to pay a tremendous water bill each month for water that is not fit to drink.It is always smelley and full of junk.

I pay for water and I also have to buy drinking water. Why is this fair I ask? This company is greedy and not caring about their customers. I can't believe that they have to charge so much for unfit water.

They tell you it is good to drink but I wonder if they would drink it after taking a look and smell?

Not fair to retired people on a fixed income.Thanks

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Tecon Water Company

Conroe, Texas 1 comment
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I received a bill in June of 2007 stating that I owed for using 19,000 gallons of water in May.My average use is 2,000 gallons.

I do not have a pool, I do not water my lawn (we receive plenty of rain), and there are only two people living in a small mobile home. They had the meter re read and said that everything was working fine. I asked if it could have been a data entry error, and they declined to answer. I paid the minimum while they were supposedly rechecking my meter a third time, and then I got my water shut off.

My next bill showed that I used 2,000 gallons of water as usual.

I feel that I was cheated out of my money because there was no way in *** I used 19,000 gallons of water. You tell customer service what's going on and they treat you like a liar. G.

D.Cordova, Conroe, TX

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Snow Hill, Maryland, United States #12991

:cry My bill had been so out rageous and there hours need to change or more on the website like to pay!

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